Our services



We provide a full service of consultancy, which ranges from graphic design to research and experimentation of new materials. We also optimise the lithographic printing by making the imposition for a correct binding. Our technical team provides to the client the result of years of experience in the manufacturing of refined products with handmade finishing and important circulations for industrial production.


High-quality binding

We are specialised in the high-quality binding of any type of volumes, with the possibility to make special formats of micro and macro-dimensions. We manufacture Bodoni and Japanese binding, overcast stitching (Singer wire), leather stitching, cardboards with raw cut, and much more. We manage each step from the arrival of sheets of paper inside the company.


Edge Gilding

The edge gilding is a technique of ornamental decoration and graphic finishing of the edge of pages. Over the years, we have developed several techniques of edge gilding that allow us finishing the cut of pages with cold and hot spot colours, chrome plating, fluorescent colours, holographic textures, and much more. We employ standard lamination machine as well as edge gilding by hand.


Pure Gold Gilding

We are one of the few master decorators to have preserved the old seventeenth-century artistic technique of cutting the pages browned, with the use of gold leaf to 22 kt. We can finish the cut of pages embellishing it with hot stamping, personalised graphics, and incisions.


Sacchi techniques

We can finish the cut of pages embellishing it with hot stamping, personalised graphics, and incisions.


Paper converting

We develop and manufacture invitation cards for events of different thicknesses, also very elevated, with chamfers of 45°, round corners, with related cold or hot colouring. We develop and manufacture cases and slipcases of any type and material.


Study of prototypes

Curiosity, passion, creativity, and professionalism are all qualities that have allowed us interpreting the most innovative requests of our clients as an opportunity to move beyond the standard. This leads us to manufacture everyday prototypes that allow our clients assessing the feasibility of projects and the good yield of their investments.


Quality control

We carry out a thorough control of all stages inside the company, from the arrival of sheets of paper to the final packaging and shipping.


Direct shipping

Our clients use to benefit from our proficiency so that they do not have the concern to organise the shipping for the end customer. We ship abroad, managing both multiple destinations and personalised labelling on the single price. The couriers that we have selected over the years allow prompt shipping even with short delivery times.